Studies on Separation and Determination of Korean Bovine Serum Protein by Colorimetric Method

비색법에 의한 한우 혈청단백질의 분획정량 시험

  • Cho, J.H. (Institute of Veterinary Research)
  • Published : 1971.09.01


Serum Samples from adult of Korean cattles including 40 females and 20 males were analyzed by sodium salt precipitation and colorimetric method in the purpose of the determination of total serum protein, albumin, globulin, ${\alpha}$-globulin, ${\beta}$-globulin and ${\gamma}$-globulin. The results obtained arc summarized as follows: 1. Mean value of total serum protein showed a slight variation from 7.6%, and its regional and sex differences were not found to be significant. 2. Contents of albumin in serum showed lower level than that of globulin as low level of A/G ratio 0.4 in proportion. 3. Contents of Serum ${\alpha}$-globulin showed 1.4w/v% and $1.51{\pm}0.46$w/v% in each group of female, and $1.31{\pm}0.26$w/v%, in the group of male. 4. Contents of serum ${\beta}$-globulin showed 1.74w/v%, 1.95w/v%, in each group of female, and 1.82w/v% in the group of male. 5. Contents of serum ${\gamma}$-globulin showed 2.32w/v%, 2.30w/v% in each group of female, and 2.30w/v%, in the group of male.