Piroplasma Infections of Canadian Cows Imported to Kyungpuk, Korea

경북지방(慶北地方)에 수입(輸入)된 CANADA 산(産) 유우(乳牛)의 Piroplasma 감염피해(感染被害)에 관(關)한 조사보고(調査報告)

  • Published : 1971.09.01


A survey on the piroplasma infections for Canadian cows imparted from November 1968 to June 1969 to Kyungpuk, Korea was conducted by means of enumeration of erythrocytes and examination of Giemsa staining blood films from the cows and their calves. The results obtained were summarized as follows: 1. So-called small type piroplasma (Theileria) infections were suspected in almost all of imported cows and their calves during their first pasture season and mixed infections with so-called large type piroplasma (Babesia) or Eperythrozoon wenyoni were detected in some cows and calves. 2. Fever, anorexia, depression, marked decreased milk production, sever anemia and jundice were observed in the imported cows with havy infection of so-called small type piroplasma (Theileria). And the piroplasma infection was most important cause of deaths of imported cows. 3. Sever anemia, malnutrition and poor growth were observed in many calves from imported cows with havy infection of so-called small type piroplasma(Theileria). 4. Good results were obtained in treating cattle acutely ill with so-called small type piroplasmosis by injection of pamaquine but they may need scond injection 3 to 4 weeks after the first treatment for reapperence of the piroplasma in the erythrocytes.