Studies on the Chemical Composition of Major Fruits in Korea -On Non-volatile Organic Acid and Sugar Contents of Apricot (maesil), Peach, Grape, Apple and Pear and its Seasonal Variation-

한국산(韓國産) 주요과실류(主要果實類)의 화학성분(化學成分)에 관(關)한 연구(硏究) -매실, 복숭아, 포도, 사과 및 배의 주요품종별(主要品種別) 계절적(季節的) 비휘발성(非揮發性) 유기산(有機酸) 및 당(糖)의 함량변화(含量變化)-

  • Published : 1972.06.28


The contents and their seasonal changes of non-volatile organic acids and sugars of various fruits in Korea, apricot(maesil), peach, grape, apple and pears were measured. The organic acid contents were determined by gas chromatography and the free sugars were detected by thin layer chromatography. The results were as follows: 1) The common non-volatile organic acids found in those fruits were oxalic, fumaric, succinic, maleic, tartaric and citric acids: though their contents varied from almost none to 3430mg/100g. 2) Malic acid was contained in all above fruits with generally the highest contents ranging $18{\sim}3430mg/100g$ among different fruits. In every fruits oxalic was the least contained among other organic acids, almost none to trace except apricot(maesil) which contained 10.8mg/100g. 3) It seemed that generally all the non-volatile acids contents decreased after ripening except maleic acid and the cases of an apple and a pear varieties where they increased. 4) Glucose and fructose were detected in all fruits both matured and unripened by thin layer chromatography. Maltose was found in apricot(maesil), peach, grape and apple. Sucrose was detected in apricot(maesil), peach, grape, apple and pear.