Rapid Determination of Selenium in Foodstuffs by Neutron Activation Analysis

방사화분석법에 의한 식품중의 Se의 정량

  • 전세열 (원자력연구소 생물학연구실)
  • Published : 1972.06.28


The selenium content of a wide variety of Korean food was determined by neutron activation analysis. Most fruits and vegetables contained quantities of selenium less than $0.4{\mu}g/g$. Grain products varied widely in their selenium content with $0.5{\mu}g/g$ and barley cereal as high as $0.7{\mu}g/g$. Dried milk powder sample ranged from $0.7\;to\;0.15{\mu}g/g$. Chicken muscle contained about $0.7{\mu}g/g$. The content of sea food was generally higher, ranging from $0.3\;to\;3.65{\mu}g/g$. These values suggest that a diet well balanced in other nutrients is probably also nutritionally adequate with regard to selenium, although possible effects of cooking and biological availability remain to be investigated.