Studies on Production of Modified Yoguhrt (Soy Cream) from Soybean Milk (I)

두유를 이용한 변형요구르트의 제조에 관한 연구(I)

  • Published : 1972.09.28


To investigate the feasibility of producing yoguhrt from soybean milk which will be acceptable for Korean this experiment was carried out. The addition of pasteurized milk into soybean milk speeded up acid production by L. casei and also demonstrated the improvement of acceptability of the product. Certain additives like glucose, lactose and yeast extract also stimulated acid production. It was found that the yoguhrt of pH range of $4.2{\sim}3.7$ was well agreed to Korean preference. It was also observed by panel test in this study that the acceptability of Korean for yoguhrt increased through repeated tasting, and in consequence, this would turn out to be an ordinary acceptable food item, even though it is felt quite objectionable at the beginning of taste.