Comparison on the Appropriateness of Glutinous Rice for Making Rice-cake

미과제조용(米菓製造用) 나미(糯米)의 적성(適性)에 관(關)하여

  • Kim, Dong-Youn (College of Agriculture, Chon-Nam National University)
  • Published : 1972.09.28


The physicochemical properties of Korean glutinous rice was compared with those of foreign one in order to investigate their appropriateness as raw materials for making rice-cake. The results are summarized as follows: 1) It was found that the Korean ed more crude protein and less total sugar than the foreign one. Therefore, the Korean variety appears to have a higher value of protein. 2) The Korean glutinous rice appeared more plentiful in crude fat and crude fibre content than those of the foreign one. Judging from this fact, it was found out that the Korean glutinous rice had a lower rate of husking and cleaning. 3) The purity of grain in Japanese glutinous rice was highest with 90.2% and the Kyungki glutinous rice was lowest with 47.4%. 4) While showing a low viscosity, the Honam glutinous rice, strange enough, also showed a low dextrinizing temperature.