Investigation on Boron Analysis

Boron정량(定量)에 대(對)한 검토(檢討)

  • Back, In (Department of Home Economics, Housung Women's College)
  • 박인 (효성여자대학 가정학과)
  • Published : 1972.06.01


The curcumin method was adopted in this research for quantitative analysis of boron in plants. An experiment if this method is suitable to present conditions of our laboratory led us to the following conclusions. 1. In making ashes the addition of 0.5ml saturated $Ba(OH)_2$ solution to boron $1{\gamma}$. could completely prevent it from volatilizing. 2. The soft glass ware made in Korea was unfit for this experiment because of the differences in quality. The polyethylene cup was desirable for the quantitative analysis of boron.