Thermal Degradation of Polymers in Dilute Solutions. The Influence of the Hydroquinone

稀薄溶液에서의 Polymer의 熱分解. Hydroquinone의 영향

  • Won, Yeong-Moo ;
  • Fukutomi, Takashi (Tokyo Institute of Technoloy) ;
  • Kakurai, Toshio (Tokyo Institute of Technoloy) ;
  • Noguchi, Tatsuya (Tokyo Institute of Technoloy)
  • Published : 1972.04.30


The thermal degradation of poly (${\alpha}$-methyl styrene) in several mixed solvents (toluene-n-butylalcohol, toluene-sec-butylalcohol, toluene-kerosene, toluene-methyl ethyl ketone) without hydroquinone, and in with the addition of the hydroquinone, was studied at temps. of $165^{\circ}{\sim}205^{\circ}C$. The velocity constant of degradation (k), and the activation energy (E) were calculated for each solvent. As results, k decreased with the increase of the volume-fraction of poor solvent in both systems, whereas E either showed no perceptible change or it increased with the volume-fraction of poor solvents. these results were discussed.



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