A Study on Combustion Reaction Mechanism of Korean Anthracites

國産無煙炭의 燃燒反應機構에 關한 硏究

  • Published : 1972.10.30


The rate Constants and energies of activation for the Combustion reaction of Korean anthracites have obtained by DTA method using the following rate equation derived by authors. $K=\frac{C_3{\cdot}W_0}{{\Delta}H{\cdot}{\Delta}C{\cdot}M{\cdot}S_A}(\frac{dy}{dt}+A(y-y_3))$ The anthracites of various ranks were treated at the different temperatures in the furnace. The probable combustion reaction mechanisms have discussed with the results obtained by the X-ray diffraction method, IR spectroscophic analysis, and gas chromatography. By the intensity of d(002) Values, it was confirmed that a parts of the amorphous carbon was converted to graphite form by heat treatment. The appreciable amounts of CO gas were expelled in the combustion process and it appeared that a little amount of the gas came from the catalytic decomposition of anthracites, The functional groups such as -OH, -SH, -NH, $-CH_2-CH_3,$ -CO, -COC-. and polycondensed aromatic rings in anthracites have observed by IR spectrophotometric analysis.



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