Changes in Sugars Composition of Dried Lavers during Storage

마른김의 당류조성(糖類組成)과 저장중의 변화

  • Park, Young-Ho (Dept. of Food Science and Technology, Busan Fisheries College)
  • 박영호 (부산수산대학 식품공학과)
  • Published : 1973.12.28


Studies were made on the sugars composition in dried lavers (Porphyra yezoensis Ueda) and changes in the contents of sugars during the storage under a dry and a humid conditions respectively. 1) No notable difference was observed in the glucose content between those dried lavers samples, which were stored under dry and humid conditions. Galactose content showed little change under a dry condition, but under a humid condition rapidly increased to a maximum of about ten times of its initial amount and then decreased gradually. 2) The content of floridoside rapidly decreased under a humid condition while slowly decreased under a dry condition, of which tendency is a contrast to that of galactose. 3) One of the unidentified components, which is deduced to be isofloridoside, showed a fluctuation pattern, which bears resemblance to that of floridoside.