Property of Filature Water against the Solubility of Cocoon Layer Sericin Seoul National Silk Conditioning House

제사용수의 수질이 견층 세리신(Sericin) 용해에 미치는 영향 (제2보)

  • Published : 1973.12.01


1. The sericin solubility increased rapidly as the increase of water M-alkalinity. 2. The acidity of the treated water was nutralized at the over 25ppm of M-alkalinity. 3. The more M-alkalinity of the sample water is, the more M-alkalinity was found after cocoon treat. 4. The total hardness of sample water seemed to be droped as M-alkalinity increased. 5. The sericin solubility also seemed to be droped as the increase of water acidity. 6. In case of treat finish with cocoon, the acidity and total hardness seemed to increase as the acidity of the water increased, but M-alkalinity was nutralized at 20~40 ppm of water acidity or the M-alkalinity could not be found in case over 40ppm of acidity. 7. In case increase of iron component with sample water, sericin solubility seemed to drop down, and mangan component showed the same nature but dull drop. 8. After cocoon was treated with water, acidity, M-alkalinity and total hardness were increased by the extraction from cocoon shell because of pH and treating temperature but not because of iron componnent. Mangan component, however, affected as to increase of acidity and total hardness but to decrease for M-alkalinity. 9. In case change of M-alkalinity and total hardness, sericin solubility has increased also. 10. In case constant pH and total hardness, the more M-alkalinity is, the more sericin solubility was found. 11. In case constant pH, total hardness, and M-alkalinity, the more acidity is, the less sericin solubility was found. 12. In case constant pH(6.8) and M-alkalinity, the more total hardness is, the less sericin solubility was found. 13. Though the combination of water, high solubility water, medium solubility water and low solubility water were prepared. The high solubility water desolved sericin 2.2% more than low solubility water. And the medium solubility water desolved sericin as much as 2.4~2.9%. 14. It was found that the most important factors for filature water are pH, M-alkalinity, acidity and total hardness which may need more words for optimum filature water development. 15. In case of repeat use of water, the buffer action of water has increased so that the sericin solubility to be decreased.