Mechanical Degradation of Polystyrene by Mastication

Mastication에 의한 Polystyrene의 機械的分裂

  • 정기현 (人荷大學校 工科大學 高分子工學科) ;
  • 성좌경 (人荷大學校 工科大學 高分子工學科)
  • Published : 1973.08.30


Following results were obtained for the mechanical degradation of polystyrene (for polystyrene itself and when blended with rubber) by roll mastication. 1) The rate of mechanical degradation for polystyrene itself can be represented by the second-order rate equation proposed by Goto. $-\frac{dP_t}{dt} = k_s(P_t-P_{\infty})^2$ Where Pt is the degree of polymerization of the degraded polymer at t minutes and $P{\infty}$ is the final degree of polymerization. 2) The mechanical degradation of polystyrene component in the polystyrene-rubber (SBR, BR) blend system occurred similarly as that of polystyrene itself. 3) Under the experimental conditions the mechanical degradation rate of the polystyrene component of the polystyrene-rubber, (SBR, BR) blend system followed approximately the same second-order equation as that for polystyrene itself.



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