The Study on the Separation of the Subsidiary Elements in Iron and Steel by Using Ion Exchangers (II). The Separation of Anions

이온 교환수지에 의한 철 및 강의 분석에 관한 연구 (제2보). 음이온 성분의 분리

  • Published : 1973.12.30


The quantitative separations of a mixture containing equal amount of each anion such as Si(IV), As(V), P(V), S(VI), W(VI) and Cr(VI) are carried out by the elution through 20${\times}3.14cm^2$ column of anion exchange resin, Dowex 1${\times}$8. The eluents are a mixture of 0.07 M hydrochloric acid and 0.03 M sodium chloride (pH = 1.30) for Si(IV), As(V) and P(V) species, a mixture of 0.6 M sodium chloride and 0.3 M sodium hydroxide for S(VI), W(VI) and Cr(VI) species, and 0.1 N sodium sulfite (pH = 3.48) for P(V) and As(V) species. The subsidiary anions in a standard mixture such as Si(IV), As(V), S(VI), P(V) and W(VI) are separated together from large amount of Fe(III) by the elution through 30cm${\times}3.14cm^2$ column of the resin, Dowex${\times}$50w${\times}$12, using a mixture of 0.1 M sodium nitrate and 2 percent dimethylsulfoxide aqueous solution as an eluent. Si(IV), As(V), S(VI), P(V) and W(VI) eluted together are separated quantitatively under the same conditions as in the separations of the anion mixture. By the conditions obtained in the separations of the standard mixture, Fe(III) and all of the subsidiary anions in steel are quantitatively separated.



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