Studies on the Milling Method of Barley and Naked-barley

보리류(類)의 제분방법(製粉方法)에 관(關)한 연구(硏究)

  • Kim, Hi-Kap (Experiment Station, National Agriculture Products Inspection Office)
  • 김희갑 (국립농산물검사소 시험소)
  • Published : 1974.09.28


In and attempt to investigate the milling method of barley, four kinds of barley were used for this study. The results are summerized as follow: 1) The optimum tempering and priority of milling quality of barley is shown as following table. Barley is Tempering moisture 15%, Tempering time 24hr. Naked barley is Tempering moisture 14%, Tempering time 48hr. Barley and Naked barley are Tempering moisture 13%, Tempering time 48hr. 2) Economic value of pearled materials milling is disadvantageous, because of the milling expenses are burdensome and flour extractions are fallen down 12.5% in barley and 13.6% in naked barley as compared with unpearled materials milling. 3) Wheat flour milling process may be used without any adjustment when mixed with 90% of wheat and 10% of barley. 4) Unpearled naked barley is the most suitable for flour milling when mixed with wheat.