A Survey on the Relationship between the Fatigue due to Schoolwork and Dietary

식품섭취(食品攝取)와 학업피로(學業疲勞)의 관계(關係)에 대(對)한 조사(調査)

  • Published : 1974.09.28


The writer has undertaken a survey, against 467 urban university women students, of the fatigue due to their schoolwork and has intended to clarify the relationship between the fatigue and dietary. As a result, the following described conclusion was obtained: (1) The fatigue due to their schoolwork was found in an order of mental fatigue >physical fatigue> neuro-sensory fatigue among which their schoolwork was proved as a typical mental works. (2) It was found, in comparison of the health condition with the fatigue from schoolwork, that the frequencies of mental and neurosensory fatigue in which physical fatigue is excluded had a significant difference. (3) In an analysis of the fatigue rate in relation with the daily dietary, it was found that fatigue rate of the group which takes meat, egg, fish and milk every day showed a significantly lower rate over the group which takes these food occasionally.