Study on the Detection of Artificial Dyes in the Commercial Drops by Use of Thin-Layer Chromatography

Thin-Layer Chromatography에 의한 시판 알사탕류의 착색료에 관한 고찰

  • Published : 1974.02.01


A study was carried out to detect of illegal artificial dyes, and to confirm the used rate of illegal dyes in the production process of commercial drops (candy), from Dec. 10, 1972 to Feb. 10, 1973. In this study, it was used thin layer chromatography, the samples were divided into two groups, group A of inscribed trade name and group B of not inscribed trade name. To contrast with group A and group B, 100 samples were randomly collected in the market places, 50 samples from group A and 50 samples from group B. The following conclusions were obtained: 1) used rate of illegal dyes were 2% of group A and 9% of group B. 2) used rate of illegal dyes were 2% of red, 2% of yellow, 1% of violet and 6% of green, not in blue. 3) used rate of illegal dyes 3% of Rhodamine B, 3% of Auramine and 6% of Light green S.F. Yellowish. 4) Out of 20 cases those used mixed dyes, only one case was confirmed as two illegal dyes, and 4 cases were used one illegal dye.