A Serological Test for Syphilis among Prostitutes by VDRL Slide Test

VDRL Slide Test에 의한 접대부의 매독혈청검사 성적

  • Published : 1974.02.01


A Serological test for Syphilis by VDRL Slide tests were made to find the degree of treponemal infection. For this study sera were collected from 5, 312 Prostitutes of Seoul, Inchun, Euijungbu, Yangzoo, Pajoo and Pyungtaig from November 27, to December 7, 1972 and were examined on the following items. 1. VDRL Slide Qualitative test. 2. VDRL Slide Quantitative test. As the results of this study the following Conclusions were obtained. 1) This test were obtained average reactive 5.92% for 5, 312 prostitutes in Seoul 7.87% for 254 prostitutes, in Iuchun 6.77% for 354 prostitutes, in Euijungbu 6.62% for 740 prostitutes, in Yangjoo 5.82% for 1, 958 prostitutes, in Pajoo 6.08% for 937 prostitutes and in Pyungtaig 4.82% for 1, 069 prostitutes respectively 2) The highest Reagin titer was 1: 32 serum dilution.