Organotitanium Chemistry (Ⅲ). The Reactions of Titanium Tetrachloride with Piperidine and Diphenylamine

유기티탄 화학 (제3보). 사염화티탄과 피페리딘 및 디페닐아민과의 반응

  • Published : 1974.12.30


The direct reactions of titanium tetrachloride with piperidine and diphenylamine in dichloromethane have been studied by examining the isolated reaction products. In the reaction with piperidine, titanium tetrachloride undergoes both addition and substitution reactions as in the following: $TiCl_4+C_5H_{10}NH{\to}TiCl_4{\cdot}C_5H_{10}NH$$TiCl_4+C_5H_{10}{\to}TiCl_3{\cdot}NC_5H_{10}+HCl$ The addition reaction is relatively fast and completed in minutes whereas the substitution reaction is very slow. The both reaction products coprecipitated with piperidine hydrochloride formed during the substitution reaction were isolated and characterized. The reaction with diphenylamine resembles to the above reaction but the addition compound could be obtained in pure crystal form.



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