Extraction Yield and Quality Attributes of Agar from Imported Seaweeds According to Various Pretreatments

수입원조(輸入原藻)의 전처리(前處理)과정에 따른 한천(寒天)의 수율(輸率) 및 품질특성(品質特性)

  • Published : 1975.09.28


Imported seaweeds Gracilaria sp. and Gelidium sp. from the Philippines and Gracilaria sp. from Brazil were subjected to the examination of yield and quality of agar according to various pretreatment conditions. As pretreatment condition for alkali-treated Gracilaria sp. from the Philippines, $0.05{\sim}0.1%$ concentration of sulfuric acid was proper to obtain the higher yield of agar for which a reverse proportionality was shown between the acid concentration and the strength of extraction condition. Highest yield from Gelidium sp. from the Philippines was obtained by pretreating with 5% sodium hydroxide at $90^{\circ}C$ for one hour, followed by 0.1% sulfuric acid treatment. Gracilaria sp. from Brazil gave the highest yield of agar by pretreatments with 1% sodium hydroxide followed by 0.05% sulfuric acid, both at room temperature for one hour. Acid treatment of alkali-treated Gracilaria sp. from the Philippines brought about the decrease of total nitrogen, total sulfur and crude ash, the increase of jelly strength and no marked change in gelation point and gelation ability. In general, acid-treatment conditions to give rise to high yield of agar improved the quality of product.