Development of Nutritionally Defined and Compressed Foods

압착(壓搾).농축식품(濃縮食品)의 시제(試製)

  • Published : 1975.09.28


Survial and emergency food packets were developed for use by people isolated in adverse circumstances. These products are made from cereals suchasrice, barley and wheat, and from nutritionally defined products, such as glucose, sodium caseinate, powdered milk, hydrogenated vegetable fat and so on. The caloric distribution of the survial packet was adjusted to 55% carbohydrate, 33% fat, and 12% protein for maximum body water retention. The raw materials were mixed thoroughly and then compressed into bars at 4,000 psi (survial) and at 7,000 psi (emergency). Compressed bars of the emergency packets were coated with edible coatings for protection from insects and microorganisms and prevention of cracking. These products are 4.0-4.4 Cal. per gram and 4.2-4.9 Cal. per cubic centimeter. The texture of the bars makes them convenient to carry and eat.