Effects of Combined Treatments on the Radiosensitivity of Aspergillus flavus and Penicillium islandicum

Aspergillus flavus 및 Penicillium islandicum의 방사선(放射線) 감수성(感受性)에 미치는 병용(倂用)처리의 효과(效果)

  • Published : 1975.09.28


Effects of combined treatments of radiation-heat and radiation-chemicals on the survival of mycotoxin-producing molds Aspergillus flavus and Penicillum islandicum conidia were investigated. Combined treatments of gamma-radiation and heat (10 minutes at $50^{\circ}C\;or\;55^{\circ}C$) showed a synergistic effect, causing remarkable decreases in $D_{10}$ values and induction doses in the two molds. Combined treatments of gamma-radiation and chemicals (sorbic acid) had no synergistic effect. Asp. flavus was more resistant to heat and sorbic acid than was Pen. islandicum.