A Study on the Impulse Voltage Breakdown Characteristics of Heat-Deteriorated Polyethylene Cables ( I )

열렬화된 폴리에틸렌 케이블의 충격전압에 의한 파괴특성에 관한 연구 I

  • Published : 1975.01.01


This study investigated the characteristics of fatigue breakdown caused by the impulse voltage of heat treated polyethylene cables through fault currents. This study attempted to obtain the badic data on the insulation design by the repeated load of impulse voltage wave zone (1*40.mu.s) on heat treated polyethylene cables. Besides this study also analysed the data involving their durability by means of the Weibull distribution. An analysis of the breakdown characteristics based upon the repeated load of impulse voltage has revealed that worn out deteriorative breakdown existed at a high voltage near the initial breakdown voltage, and that random breakdown was discovered at a voltage somewhat lower than the initial breakdown voltage. These phenomena were more remarkable especially in the case of the higher temperature treated cables.