Synthesis of 1-(4'-Thio-${\alpha},{\beta}$-D-ribofuransyl)-5-halogeno Uracils (I)

5-할로겐 치환 uracil 들의 4-Thiosugar Nucleosides의 합성 (제 1 보)

  • Kim Jack C. (Department of Chemistry, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Busan National University) ;
  • Lee Euk-suck (Department of Chemistry, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Busan National University) ;
  • Kim Chang-bae (Department of Chemistry, Dan-kook University) ;
  • Bobek Miroslav (Department of Experimental Therapeutics, Roswell Park Memorial Institute) ;
  • Whistlee Roy L. (Department of Biochemistry, Purdue University)
  • Published : 1975.04.30


The 4'-thio analogs of the 5-bromo-and 5-iodo-pyrimidine nucleosides were prepared by condensation of 2,3,5-tri-O-acetyl-4-thio-${\alpha},{\beta}$-D-ribofuranosyl chloride with the chloromercury derivatives of 5-halogeno-2,4-bis(trimethylsiloxy)pyrimidine, followed by the removal of the protecting groups. Although the biological activities of the 4'-thio derivatives are not greatly different from the corresponding 4'-oxygen analogs in this preliminary test, the fact that the 4'-thio analogs have comparableihigh activities, is of interest, and indicates the value of further biochemical examinations.



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