A Study on the Formation of Hydrous Ferric Oxide from Ferrous Sulfate

黃酸第一鐵로부터 含水酸化鐵生成에 關한 硏究

  • Sung Joo Kyung (Department of Chemistry Engineering, College of Engineering, Dong A University) ;
  • Suhl Soo Duk (Department of Chemistry Engineering, College of Engineering, Dong A University) ;
  • Whang Yong Kil (Department of Metallurgical Engineering, College of Engineering, Dong A University)
  • 성주경 (東亞大學校 工科大學 化學工學科) ;
  • 설수덕 (東亞大學校 工科大學 化學工學科) ;
  • 황용길 (東亞大學校 工科大學 金屬工學科)
  • Published : 1975.04.30


The formation of iron oxide hydroxide in a ferrous sulfate was studied in different contents of iron in the solution at a temperature range of 90 to $100^{\circ}C$ under 1${\sim}$3 atmospheres. The Mohr's salt thus formed was hydrolyzed under 1 to 3 atmospheres, in 14 to 72 g/l of iron content in the solution pH 3 or 6 for two hours at 90 to $100^{\circ}C$. The results obtained was as follows; 1) In Mohr's salt solution, as the iron content was increased, with decreasing the concentration of hydrogen ion, the yield of iron oxide hydroxide was gradually increased. 2) When iron content in Mohr's salt solution was 42.81 g/l, 91.5% of iron was recovered in the form of $\alpha$-goethite similar to yellow grade of natural goethite. 3) When $\alpha$-goethite obtained was calcined of $500^{\circ}C$, it was turned into ${\alpha}$-ferric oxide with a redish brown colour.



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