The Effect of Pressures on the Formation of Charge Transfer Complexes of Toluene with Iodine (I)

톨루엔과 요오드 사이의 전하이동착물에 대한 압력의 영향 (I)

  • 권오천 (한양대학교 문리과대학 화학과)
  • Published : 1975.04.30


The effect of pressures and temperatures on the stabilities of the toluene-iodine charge transfer complex have been investigated through ultraviolet spectrophotometric measurements in n-hexane. The stabilities of complexes were measured at $25~60{\circ}C$ under 1~1,200 bars. The equilibrium constant of the complex was increased with pressure and decreased with temperature raising. The absorption coefficient was increased with both pressure and temperature. Changes of volume, enthalpy, free energy and entropy for the formation of complexes were obtained from the equilibrium constants. The red-shift observed a higher pressure, the blue-shift at a higher temperature and the relation between pressure and oscillator strength were discussed by means of thermodynamic functions.



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