Metal Complexes Containing Multidentate Ligands (I). Cobalt (III) Complexes of 1,10-Dibenzyltriethylenetetraamine and 1,10-Dibenzyl-5R-methyltriethylenetetraamine

1,10-디벤질트리에틸렌테트라아민과 1,10-디벤질-5R-메틸트리에틸렌테트라아민의 코발트(III) 착물

  • Jun Moo-Jin (Department of Applied Chemistry, National Kyungpook University) ;
  • Chui, Fan Liu (Department of Chemistry, University of Illinois at Chicago Circle)
  • Published : 1975.04.30


The synthesis of two new ligands, 1,10-dibenzyltriethylenetetraamine (1,10-$Be_2trien$) and 1,10-dibenzyl-5R-methyltriethylenetetraamine (1,10-$Be_2$-5R-Metrien), and the preparation of the dichloro cobalt(III) complexes of these ligands are reported. Both tetraamine ligands yield exclusively trans geometry upon coordination to the cobalt(III) ion.



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