Photochemical Degradation of Polymers

고분자 물질의 광화학적 분해

  • Sang Chul Shim (The Korea Advanced Institute of Science, Department of Chenical Science) ;
  • Hong Lim (The Korea Advanced Institute of Science, Department of Chenical Science)
  • 심상철 (韓國科學院 化學 및 化學工學科) ;
  • 임홍 (韓國科學院 化學 및 化學工學科)
  • Published : 1975.12.30


The photodegradation of polystyrene and polyethylene was studied utilizing several additives to promote photooxidation. Polymer films with small amount of additives were irradiated with ultraviolet lamps in Rayonet Photochemical Reactor. The progress of photodegradation was followed by measuring the intensities of carbonyl and hydroxyl stretching bands in infrared spectra as well as the viscosity changes. It was found that the increase of carbonyl or hydroxyl peaks was proportional to the decrease of the molecular weight of polymers under study. Iron(II, III) complexes of dithiocarbamate and their analogs showed good results.



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