Studies on Sterile Korean Cows Reared on an Alpine Area in Daegwanryeong Area - Mainly on Extensive Ranches -

대관령지구(大關嶺地區) 고령지(高嶺地) 한우(韓牛) 번식장해(繁殖障害)에 관(關)한 연구(硏究) - 대단위목장(大單位牧場)을 중심(中心)으로 -

  • Goh, Gwang Du (Department of Animal Science, Gangweon National College)
  • Published : 1975.10.15


Infertility and breeding status of Korean cows which are reared in a extensive alpine ranches of Daegwanryeong area was investigated. The results obtained were summarized as follows, 1. Infertility frequency of the cows was 25.9% against a total examined number of 675 heads, and was 17.6% against a total rearing number. 2. The distributions of infertile cows 44.6% of Granular vaginitis-like syndrome, 36% of repeat breeder, 8.6% of symptom of ovary, 6.8% of symptom of uterus and 4% of other symptoms. 3. According to its age were found by 51.4% upon 2 years of age, 30.3% upon 3 years of age, 11.4% upon 4 years of age and 6.9% upon S years of age. 4. Breeding status of Korean cows showed 74.1% of conception rate in the cases of pre-treatment, while breeding status increased markedely in the cases of post-treatment by the 85.8%. 5. The conception rate by the artificial insemination mainly on the first mating was 36.1%. on the second mating 23.0% and on the third mating 18.0%. Total conception rate between first and third mating was 77.1%. 6. The therapeutic effect by treatment for granular vaginitis-like syndrome was 87.1%.