A Comparative Experiments for Tube Agglutination Test of Pullorum Antiserum with gamma-Ray 60Co Irradiated Salmonella pullorum

방사성동위원소(放射性同位元素)로 처리(處理)한 추백리균(雛白痢菌)의 응집반응(凝集反應)에 대한 비교시험(比較試驗)

  • Seo, Boo Kap (Department of Veterinary Medicine, The City College of Seoul)
  • 서부갑 (서울산업대학 수의학과)
  • Published : 1976.05.30


An agglutinability between naturally infected positive chicken serum of pullorum disease and hyperimmumized rabbit antiserum was compared. And the following results were obtained and summarized. 1. On the agglutinability, Salmonella pullorum antigen which irradiated gamma-ray was more excellent than another both formalized and heated antigen. 2. Time of judgemented as positive titer in the tube agglutination test to the naturally infected positive chicken serum was it most suitable for 12 hours at $37^{\circ}C$. 3. Agglutination titer of positive immune chicken serum against gamma-ray irradiate Salmonella pullorum were as 320~640x.