Distribution of Hepatic Vein within Liver of Korean Native Goat

한국재래산양(韓國在來山羊)의 간정맥(肝靜脈)에 관하여

  • Kim, Chong-Sup (Department of Science Education, Gyeongsang National College)
  • Published : 1976.10.20


By employing the vinylite corrosion technique, the distribution of the hepatic vein within the liver in 50 Korean native goats was observed. 1. In 50 vinylite casts, the principal branches of hepatic vein are Vena hepatica sinistra, Vena hepatica sinistra et medialis, Vena heapati dextralateralis et medialis, Vena hepatica caudatorum, Vena hepatica dorsolateralits: three chief branches are Vena hepatica sinistra, Vena hepatica dextra, Vena hepatica caudatorum. 2. In the liver of Korean goat are recognized three lobes, i.e. Lobus sinister, Lobus dexter and Lobus caudate.