The Metabolism of Lipids in Adipose Pads and Superficial Pectoral Muscle of Chicks

닭의 지방조직(脂肪組織) 및 천흉근(淺胸筋)에서의 지질(脂質)의 대사(代謝)

  • Koh, Tae-Song (College of Animal Husbandry, Kon-Kuk University)
  • Published : 1977.12.28


In order to investigate the effect of dietary fatty acids on lipids metabolism in adipose pads and superficial pectoral muscle of chicks, the present, experiment was carried out using signle comb White Leghorn male chicks fed a fat-free diet and diets containing margaric, stearic or linoleic acids. Total lipids of tissues were extracted with a chlorofrom-methanol solution. The lipid components were fractionated by thin layer chromatography and the fatty acid distribution of lipid fractions was determined by gas liquid chromatography. The neck adipose pads contained 34-62% total lipids, in which triglycerides, were dominant, being 97-98%. Margaric, stearic and linoleic acids were distributed at a relatively high rate in the adipose tissue when the corresponding acids were fed, and margaric acid feeding lowered palmitoleic acid distribution and linoleic acid feeding elevated stearic acid distribution. The wet superficial pectoral muscle contained 1.3-1.7% total lipids, of which 77-79% was phospholipids and 11-13% was free cholesterol. When margaric acid was fed, margaric and heptadecenoic acids appeared in the muscle lipids. When linoleic acid was fed, this acid was significantly highly distributed in every muscle lipid fractions, whereas, when stearic acid fed no elevation of stearic acid distribution was observed. In the muscle phospholipids, oleic acid was significantly highly distributed in the stearic acid fed chicks, and the linoleic acid feeding signigicantly lowered the distribution value of palmitic and oleic acids, but elevated the distribution value of stearic acid. And the linoleic acid feeding lowered the distribution value of eicosatrienoic acid and elevated the distribution value of arachidonic acid.