A Study on the Lipid Components of Amorpha Fruticosa Seed

쪽제비싸리종자(種子)의 지질성분(脂質成分)에 관한 연구(硏究)

  • Lee, Young (Dept. of Food Technology, College of Engineering, Dongguk University) ;
  • Shin, Hyo-Sun (Dept. of Food Technology, College of Engineering, Dongguk University)
  • 이영 (동국대학교 공과대학 식품공학과) ;
  • 신효선 (동국대학교 공과대학 식품공학과)
  • Published : 1977.12.28


The lipid components, fatty acid compositions, physical and chemical characteristics of crude oil in Amorpha fruticosa seed were determined and proximate compositions of it were also analyzed. The results were summarized as follow: 1) The proximate composition showed moistrue to be 10.14%, crude protein to be 21.77%, crude fats to be 12.73%, carbohydrates to be 51.75% and crude ash to be 3.61%. 2) Specific gravity, refractive index, smoke point and titer of the crude oil were $0.925\;(15/15^{\circ}C)$, $1,477(15^{\circ}C)$, $175^{\circ}C$ and $14.8^{\circ}C$, respectively. 3) Iodine, saponification, acid, ester value and unsaponifiable content of the crude oil were 144, 182, 2.9, 179 and 5.17%, respectively. 4) Lipid components were separated by TLC and quantitatively determined by TLC scanner to give 75% triglycerides, 14% esterified sterols, 3.08% phospholipids, 4.4% free sterols and 3.77% free fatty acids. 5) Fatty acid compositions were quantitatively determined by GLC to give 76.21% linoleic acid, 9.92% palmitic acid, and 5.07% stearic acid as the main components, oleic, linolenic, palmitoleic and arachidic acid were presented in small quantities.