Studies on the Activated Sludge of Food Industries for Animal Feed -Part 1. Chemical composition of Brewery's Activated Sludge-

식품공장 폐수 활성오니(活性汚泥)의 사료화에 관한 연구 -제1보 : 맥주공장 오니(汚泥)의 화학조성에 관하여-

  • Published : 1977.12.28


Some chemical analysis of brewery's activated sludge were carried out in order to utilize it for animal feed. And results obtained were as follows. 1. Brewery's sludge, sun-dried for 3 days, contained 15.4% of water, 40.47 of crude protein, 4.02% of crude fiber, 13.3% crude ash and 19.4% nitrogen-free extract. 2. Total amino acid content of the brewery's sludge was 38% of its dry basis. The amounts, of all essential amino acids contained except tryptophan was enough for chicken growing and, especially, among the essential amino acids, the contents of leucine, isoleucine, phenylalanine, tyrosine, glycine and serine were two or three times as much as its need. 3. Other minerals contents except Magnesium and Cupper, were considerably low for animal feed.