Studies on the Extraction of Korean Ginseng Component -Part 1. Differences of Saponins in Korean Ginseng by Cultivation Area and Processing-

인삼성분(人蔘成分)의 추출(抽出)에 관한 연구 -제1보 인삼(人蔘)의 지역별(地域別) 및 가공중(加工中) Saponin구성성분(構成成分)의 변화-

  • Published : 1977.12.28


The patterns of saponins of lateral gingengs cultivated different areas and various ginseng products were investigated by quantitative thin-layer chromatography. In the case of ginseng cultivated in the Kum San and Gang Hwa area, some parts of the panaxatriol series of the saponins (peak 6 and 7.8.9) were higher in concentration than in ginseng grown in other areas while the other ingredients were almost the same. In the process of heat treatment the quantity of peak 2 was generally decreased. However, in the case of red and white ginseng, one part of the panaxatriol saponins, peak 6 was increased. This tendency was also found in honeyed ginseng and ginseng tea which were not exposed to sunlight, but the increase was much less. The change in the red and white ginseng which were exposed to sunlight was very substantial. Therefore we can assume that the increase of peak 6 comes about due to the combination of heat treatment and exposure to sunlight, especially due to exposure to sunlight.