Synthesis of Basic Alkali Metal Aluminium Carbonates

鹽基性炭酸알루미늄 알칼리金屬 化合物의 合成

  • Byong Ho Kim (Department of Materials Science, Korea University)
  • 김병호 (高麗大學校 理工大學 材料工學科)
  • Published : 19770230


A method of synthesizing $NaAlCO_3(OH)_2$ (Dawsonite) and $KAlCO_3(OH)_2$, was investigated by blowing $CO_2$ gas into sodium and potassium aluminate solutions. The reactions were accomplished at a temperature of 80 to $90^{\circ}C$, while $CO_2$ gas was blowing into the solutions which the molar ratios of $Na_2O/Al_2O_3,\;and\;K_2O/Al_2O_3$ were 6 to 8 and 8 to 10, respectively. It was observed that highly purified Dawsonite and $KAlCO_3(OH)_2$ are produced when Alumina is present in Boehmite at an equilibrium solid phase with a large amount of $HCO_3^-$ in the solutions. The rational formulas of Dawsonite and $KAlCO_3(OH)_2$synthesized under the conditions should be expressed as $NaAlO(OH)HCO_3\;and\;KAlO(OH)HCO_3$, respectively, by IR analysis. In addition, electron microscopic observation also indicated that Dawsonite in a fibrous crystal and $KAlCO_3(OH)_2$ in a needleshaped crystal.



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