Studies on the Separation of Maleic Anhydride Adducts of Soybean Oil

大豆油의 말레酸化生成物의 分別에 關한 硏究

  • Suh Ho Park (College of Engineering, Chonnam National University)
  • 박서호 (全南大學校 工科大學 化學工業經營學科)
  • Published : 19770230


Author studied on the isolation technique and properties of the products obtained by the reaction of soybean oil with maleic anhydride. Before studying above purpose, oleic acid and linoleic acid contained in soybean oil were reacted with maleic anhydride. Thin-layer chromatography using silica coated plate and solvent system consisting of petroleum ether-diethyl ether = 7:3∼5:5 (v/v) resulted in good effects on the isolation of maleic anhydride adducts. Four fractions were separated and fraction No. 2 were analyzed by IR & UV spectrophotometer, obtaining the following conclusions. In the case of oleic acid adduct and linoleic acid adduct, it were conjectured that the succinic acid type adduct was formed. In the case of conjugated $C_{18}$ fatty acid adduct, cyclohexene type adduct was formed which differed from oleic acid and linoleic acid adduct.



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