The Study on Conformation and Biological Activity for the Drug Design. Phenethylamine Derivatives as the Sympathomimetics

새로운 의약품의 개발을 위한 의약품의 분자구조와 약리효과에 관한 연구. 교감신경모방약으로 작용하는 Phenethylamine 유도체들에 관하여

  • Kim, Ui Rak (Department of Chemistry, Catholic Medical College)
  • Published : 1977.08.30


We applied the EHT method to 23 kinds of adrenergic agents, sympathomimetics, which were derived from phenethylamine by introducing hydroxy and methyl group to benzene ring, ${\alpha}-\;or\;{\beta}$-position and nitrogen of ethylamine. We have stated and discussed theoretically the relationship between their structural characteristics and biological activities by compairing with the calculated values.



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