An Infrared Study of Complexes of Methylmethacrylate with Cations on the Interlamdellar Surfaces of Layer Silicates

赤外線分光法에 의한 層狀硅酸鹽의 層間表面上의 陽이온과 Methylmethacrylate의 錯物 硏究

  • Kim Jong Taik (Department of Applied Chemistry, Kgungpook National University) ;
  • Sohn Jong Rack (Department of Applied Chemistry, Kgungpook National University)
  • 김종택 (慶北大學校 工科大學 應用化學科) ;
  • 손종락 (慶北大學校 工科大學 應用化學科)
  • Published : 1977.08.30


The adsorption of methylmethacylate on layer silicates containing various interlayer cations has been studied by means of infrared spectroscopy and X-Ray. Several characteristic carbonyl bands of adsorbed methylmethacrylate appeared differently at the region of 1723∼1547$cm^{-1}$depending on the species of cation and the dehydration temperature. The carbonyl stretching band shifted about 190$cm^{-1}$ to lower frequencies has been observed only for polyvalent cations, which has been attributed to $>C=O{\cdot}{\cdot}{\cdot}M^{n+}$ complex formation. The band appeared at 1703∼1640$cm^{-1}$ is responsible for hydrogen bonding between carbonyl oxygen and cationic water or cationic hydroxyl group, and the degree of shift indicates good correlation with the polarizing power of the interlayer cations. However, the band appeared at 1723$cm^{-1}$ has not been correlated with the species of cation but assigned to the carbonyl stretching which reacted with the surface hydroxyl group. On the basis of interlamellar spacing, it is suggested that the molecular plane of MMA molecule is parallel to silicate layers.



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