The Activities of Cytokinin-like Substances In Dormant Strawberry Plants

휴면기(休眠期) 딸기의 내생(內生) Cytokinin-like Substances의 활성(活性)에 관(關)한 연구(硏究)

  • Published : 1977.12.31


The activity of endogenous cytokinin-like substance in dormant plants(Fragaria ananassa) was different depending on the degree of dormancy and their activity was showed the similar trend as that of growth phase. When strawberry plant crowns were extracted in methyl alcohol, and the extract was seperated by column chromatography, it showed that the activity was observed in two places by soybean callus bioassay. Activity of cytokinin-like substance was appeared when ethyl acetate/methyl alcohol (90/10v. and 50/50v.) were used. In relation to growth phase of strawberry plants, cytokinin-like activity increased at vigorous growth periods, whereas decreased in deep dormant period. However, cytokinin-like substance activity occurred again after strawberry plants passed through a certain chilling periods. Accordingly, it showed to have a negative correlation between the degree of dormancy and a mount of endogenous cytokinin-like substance.