A Study on the Characteristcs of Soil Parameter

흙의 지수적(指數的) 특성(特性)에 관한 연구(硏究)

  • Published : 1977.12.31


These experiments were carried out to analyse the correlation among various soil parameters which characterize the mechanical properties of the disturbed and undisturbed soil, and to analyse Atterberg Limits for the basin of downstream of Hanriver Keum river, Nakdong river, and Asan bay. 1. Wet density of soil was the lowest in the basin of Nakdong river which contains the highest amount of clay minerals among the soil samples, and was increased in the order of Han river, Keum river and Asan bay. It was appeared that the unit weight of natural soil was changed in accordance with the clay mineral content which determines the moisture content. 2. Curved relationship was recognized, showing that dry density of soil was decreased with increasing the moisture content. Soils from the basin of Asan bay were appeared to have the highest dry density and the next was those of Keum river, the second lowest Han river, and the lowest Nakdong river. 3. When the liquid limit of soils was over 40 percent, their plastic index was above the A-line of plastic chart. 4. Between dry density and void ratio of soils, a curved relationship was found, in which dry density was decreased as void ratio increased, and the differences between them became greater in soils containing higher amount of coarse grained soil. Decreasing tendency of dry density in accordance with increase of void ratio was the most significant at Asan bay which contained the lowest clay content, and other decreasing order of dry density was Keum river, Han river, and Nakdong river.