Disappearance of Organic Phosphate Insecticides Residue on Vegetables and Fruit Crops

과실 및 채소류에 대한 유기 인계 농약의 잔류소장

  • Published : 1977.12.31


Sumithion and EPN residues on grapes, EPN and Diazinon on chinese cabbage, Parathion on peaches, Dimethoate on tomatoes, and EPN and Malathion on cucumber were analyzed in terms of 0, 3, 7, 14, 21 and 30 days after last application for the pesticides safty use. From the disappearance rate for various organo-phosphate insecticides on vegetables and fruit crops, following results are obtained. 1. On Chinese cabbage, Diazinon residues were 0.25~0.38p.p.m three weeks after one application, and EPN were 1.39~2.69p.p.m seven days after one application and 0.96~2.34p.p.m two weeks after twice application. 2. EPN residues on grapes were 1.09~1.80p.p.m seven days after one application and Sumithion were 0.17~0.53p.p.m fourteen days after one application. 3. On peaches, Parathion residues were 0.40~0.61p.p.m two weeks after last application. 4. Dimethoate residues on tomatoes were 0.141p.p.m seven days after four times application. 5. On cucumber, EPN residues were 2.11~2.14p.p.m three days after twice application, and Malathion were 0.46p.p.m 3 day after four times application but 0.062~0.025p.p.m three days after last application. 6. Rate of degradation of organo-phosphate chemicals is inversely related to half-life of its. 7. Minimum intervals between last treatment and harvest to prevent unsafty residues are as follows. 7 days for EPN with one application and 14 days with twice application on chinese cabbage, 3 days on cucumber and 7 days on grape, 14 days for parathion, 7 days for dimethoate on tomatoes, 0 to 3 days for Malathion on cucumber, 21 days for Sumithion on grape, 21 days on chinese cabbage for Diazinon.