Induction of Callus from the Anther Culture of Prunus persica

복숭아(Prunus persica) 약배양(葯培養)에 의(依)한 Callus 유기(誘起)

  • Published : 1977.12.31


In order to establish the effective method of producing calluses of Prunus persica, anthers were cultured on Nitsch's medium supplemented with combinations of several growth regulators. Anthers of tetrad stage were preserved in the refrigerator at $4^{\circ}C$ for 50~60 days. Calluses were embeded on the Murashige and Skoog's medium supplemented with multiplicate and differentiate the calluses. Changes of anther color, callus formation, and proliferation of haploid callus were observed under the different medium conditions. The results obtained were summarized as fellows: 1) The cultured anthers were turned dark brown 2~6days after were explanted anthers into the medium. 2) The anthers which were not changed in color were observed more frequently in the medium not added the growth regulators. 3) Calluses were induced from anthers which were turned dark brown and liberated from the anther slit. 4) BA. was very effective to induce calluses and to form the chlorophyll. The medium supplied with BA 0.5ppm were best to induce calluses. 5) The best medium supplied with BA 0.5ppm+IAA or 2.4-D were best to proliferation of calluses. 6) The medium was adjusted to pH 4.5 and supplied with 250mg/l of $CaCl_2{\cdot}2H_2O$ were induced calluses from anthers.