A Study on the Cobalt Blue Spinel Stains

코발트 청색 채색료에 대한 연구

  • 박순자 (서울대 공대 요업공학과)
  • Published : 1978.02.01


The cobalt blue spinel stains (main composition; CoO:$Al_2O_3$=1 : 1) in CoO-NiO-$Al_2O_$3 and $CoO-Al_2O_3-Cr_2O_3$ system were prepared by the calcination of each component oxides to be adequate for the factory. The color development, the change of the lattice constnat of the spinel and its application to colored glazes were studied. The results were summarized as follows. 1) In CoO-Al_2O_3$ spinel, the excess addition of each component hardly made any variation in lattice constantand alumina-rich spinel specimens caused the brilliant blue color fade. 2) An increase of $Ni^{2+}$ in $CoO-NiO-Al_2O_3$ system, made the lattice constnat of the $CoO-Al_2O_3$ spinel smaller, and an increase of $Cr^{3+}$ in $CoO-Al_2O_3-Cr_2O_3$, larger. 3) Glazed stains under lead glaze were colored nearly same dark blue color fade.



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