Hygienic Observations on Menarche and Menopause among Korean rural Area

한국농촌여성(韓國農村女性)의 초조(初潮)와 폐경(閉經)에 관(關)한 위생학적(衛生學的) 고찰(考察)

  • Nam, Taik-Sung (Dept. of Health Administration Soon Chun Hyang General Hospital Seoul)
  • 남택승 (순천향병원 건강관리부)
  • Published : 1978.01.01


There are numerous reports on menarche age in korea and other countries but only few reports are available on menopausal age. This is a result of surveys on 509 women for menarche and 341 women for manopause among the rural areas of Choongnam and Kyungbuk province. For those born between 1894 and 1929. aver age ageof menarche was 16.63 years. The earliest was 13 years and latest was 22 years old. Majority (78.8%) had their menarohe at the age of between 15 and 18. It was noted that there was gradual advancement of menarche age among those born in later years than earlier. More menarche started in the months of October and April and fewest was in the month of June. Spring was the time when the largest number of women had menarche and this was followed by Autumn. Winter, and Summer. The most common menstrual cycle was 39 days type which is followed by 28 days and 26 days. The average monpausal age among rural korean women was 46.97 years. The number of years between menarche and menopause appears to be dependent upon individual physical and mental condition. socioeconomical circumstances. and also hereditary as well as ethnic differences. 87.1 % of rural korean women had menstrual ages of between 20 to 35 years according to this statistics and the average was 29.67 years.