Studies on the Focusing Solar Agricultural Crop Dryer - Part1. Heat Efficiency of Aluminum-laminated Aeryl Film Solar Heater -

농산물(農産物) 건조용(乾燥用) 곡면집광식(曲面集光式) 태양열(太陽熱) 이용(利用) 장치(裝置)에 관한 연구(硏究) - 제1보(第1報). 알루미늄-아크릴 필림을 이용(利用)한 태양열(太陽熱) 집열장치(集熱裝置)의 열이용(熱利用) 효율(?率) -

  • Published : 1979.03.30


A cylindrical solar energy focusing collector constructed using aluminum-laminated film plastered on the acrylic plate and examined its performances under the Korean local weather conditions. The reflector surface of this collector· evidenced the reflectivity of 66.1%,which was satisfactory value that could be applicable to the solar collector for its low price and at·availability. Collector efficiency measured at the heat exchanger fluid in absorber-copper pipe black colored was 73% and the resulting natural convection of the heat transfer media (water) was recorded up to 2.82 cm/sec. The overall efficiency of the solar heater in operation was 28.6% and it was correlated with the solar energy input and the temperature elevation difference gained.