Studies on the Measurement of Thermal Properties of Kochujang

고추장의 열(熱) 특성(特性) 측정(測定)에 관(關)한 연구(硏究)

  • Published : 1979.09.15


The apparatus and method that permit rapid and continuous determination of thermal conductivity and diffusivity of Kochujang, Korean native semi-solid food, are presented. 1. The thermal conductivities of Kochujang are $0.3517\;kcal/mh^{\circ}C$ at $25^{\circ}C$, $0.3957\;kcal/mh^{\circ}C$ at $50^{\circ}C$ and $0.4221\;kcal/mh^{\circ}C$ at $100^{\circ}C$. Thermal diffusivity of Kochujang is $0.1000\;cm^2/min$ at $50^{\circ}C$, specific heat and density are $0.573\;kcal/kg^{\circ}C$, $1,220\;kg/m^3$, respectively. 2. There exists 6.04% discrepancy between the measured value and the calculated one from specific heat and density values.