Effect of Light Quality (Red, Blue) on the Major Components of Hot Pepper Fruit

신미종(辛味種) 고추의 주요(主要) 성분(成分)의 함량(含量)에 미치는 광질(光質) (Red, Blue)의 영향(影響)

  • Published : 1979.09.15


In order to study the red-coloring effects of hot pepper fruit by light treatment during after-ripening period, 'Karak Geumjang No. 2 green hot pepper fruits, Capsicum annuum L., after 30 to 35 days from flowering were harvested and white, red and blue light treatments at the energy level of $40\;{\mu}watt/cm^2/sec$ were given at $25^{\circ}C$. When compared with white light, total chlorophyll content was strikingly decreased by blue light treatment and no difference in the chlorophyll contents between red and white light was observed. The chlorophyll a and b showed a similar decreasing patterns as shown in the case of total chlorophyll. Total carotenoid content was higher in the blue light treatment by 31% than the white light. However, red light decreased the carotenoid condent as compared to the white light treatment. But ${\beta}-carotene$ was not changed by red light as compared to white light. Blue light treatment increased ${\beta}-carotene$ content (0.71 mg%-f.w.) as compared to white light treatment (0.56 mg%-f.w.). Therefore, blue light treatment increased red-coloring responses of hot pepper fruit during after-ripening period. The capsaicin content was slightly increased by blue light and no red light influence was observed.