Mercury and Cadmium Concentrations of Brown Rice Produced in Korea

국내산 현미(玄米) 중 수은 및 카드뮴의 농도(濃度)

  • Published : 1979.09.15


Mercury and cadmium concentrations were analyzed for 112 brown rice samples collected from various production areas of Korea in 1976 and the results obtained were as follows: 1) Mercury concentrations were found in the range of non-detectable to 0.310 ppm, with an average of 0.053 ppm for the whole samples. Two samples from Kimpo area showed $5{\sim}6$ times higher concentrations than the average value. 2) Cadmium concentrations were found in range of trace to 0.029 ppm, with an average of 0.021 ppm for the whole samples. No specific site was found to be seriously contaminated by cadmium as far as the present survey was concerned.