Production of Fructose from Jerusalem Artichoke Tubers By Enzymatic Hydrolysis - I. Preparation and Properties of Immobilized Inulase -

효소 가수 분해에 의한 돼지 감자로 부터 과당 생산 - 제1보 : 고정화 이눌라아제의 제조와 성질 -

  • Published : 1979.12.15


Partially purified ${\beta}-fructosidase$ (inulase) from Kluyveromyces fragilis was immobilized on Tygon tube and aminoethyl-cellulose, respectively and both preparations were characterized. Silanization of Tygon tube in chloroform at $65^{\circ}C$ and treatment with 10 % glutaraldehyde were critical for the immobilization of inulase on Tygon tube, while 2 % glutaraldehyde was effective for the immobilization on aminoethyl-cellulose. The derivative of Tygon tube showed 11.5 units of inulase activity per g of dried matrix with retention of 22.5 % of original activity against inulin, whereas one of aminoethyl-cellulose showed 39.3 units per g of dired matrix with 53.4 % of retention. Studies of enzyme stability, pH and temperature dependences, and $K_m$ values are presented for inulase and invertase activities of both immobilized enzymes.