Studies on Whole Cell Immobilized Glucose Isomerase - II. Operational Studies on the Batchwise and Continuous Isomerization of D-Glucose -

포도당 이성화 효소의 세포 고정화에 관한 연구 - 제 2 보 : 회분식 및 연속 반응조를 사용한 포도당의 이성화 -

  • Ahn, Byung-Yoon (Animal Products Technology Laboratory, The Korea Institute of Science and Technology) ;
  • Byun, Si-Myung (Department of Biological Science and Engineering, The Korea Advanced Institute of Science)
  • Published : 1979.12.15


Using the whole cell immobilized glucose isomerase which was prepared in the previous work (Korean J. Food Sci. & Technol., 11(3), 192 (1979), the specific activity of the immobilized enzyme was 48.1 units in the batch reaction system and 114 units in the continuous reaction system per g of matrix, respectively. In the continuous reactor the voidity was 0.36, which was suitable for the packed bed reactor. This immobilized enzyme showed a good operational stability of 115 days of half life which was sufficient for the continuous operation. The experimental result showed that 55 % of the substrate was converted to the product in the packed bed reactor. The productivity was dependent on the flow rate, column geometry, enzyme loading, and substrate concentration. An intrapaticle diffusion was observed by the effectiveness factor of 0.75 and interparticle diffusion by the decrease of Km' with increasing the superficial velocity.